In this period of the CORONAVIRUS pandemic (COVID-19), the safety of all is a priority and it's essential to respect the directives and recommandations of the Government of Quebec.  

Many of our family mediators continue to offer their mediation services to families who are going through a separation process, who need to have their agreement reviewed, or who are experiencing difficulties due to the current situation. In order to reduce the risks of spread, several professionals offer family mediation via videoconference.

To find a family mediator who offers the family mediation service remotely, here is how to do it:

  1. Click on Find a mediator on our website;
  2. In the Postal code or city field, enter your postal code;
  3. In the With specific criterias field, select the criterion:
    a) Offsite mediation and then
    b) Programme Justice Québec to benefit from the government program if you are eligible;
  4. To start the search, clic, on the SEARCH button.
  5. When the map appears, you will notice small blue bubbles:
    a) Bubble without number: click on it to see a summary of the family mediator profile. To see his full profil, click on See the profile.
    b) Bubble with a number: indicates the number of family mediator in this area. Click on this bubble to zoom in. You will see the individual mediator bubbles. Click on a bubble to see a summary of the family mediator profile. To see his full profile, click on See the profile. It iis possible to see bubbles but with a lower figure. You can click on this bubble to zoom in further and proceed as described above to see the full profile of the family mediator.    

You can also call us and we will be happy to do the search for you. Here are the phone numbers to reach us:

514-990-4011 ou 1-800-667-7559