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Founded in 1985 by Legal and Social Science professionals, the Association de médiation familiale du Québec is the first and most important coalition  of family mediations in Québec.

By providing structure to the profession, ensuring training for family mediators and adopting a Standards of practice in family mediation, the Association has been playing a major role in the development of family mediation, making it an alternative to legal recourse.

Throughout the years, the Association has been actively participating as a consultant in the elaboration of many government policies regarding family mediation, including the legislation that established the accreditation structure for family mediators, the model for determining child support payments, legislation that facilitates the collecting of child support as well as the Code of Civil Procedure  regulation responsible for establishing prehearing mediation in family law cases. In 1997, the Association also submitted a brief to the Minister of Justice as part of the revision of regulations   concerning family mediation. In 2003, it produced a video for the general public, which is still current, titled An other way to win, family mediation.

Because of its expertise and historical role, the Association de médiation familiale du Québec collaborates with  the COAMF (the Committee of Accrediting Organizations in Family Mediation at the provincial level ever since it was created. At the national level, it has a seat on the board of directors of its Canadian counterpart, Family Mediation Canada. On the international level, numerous members represent the Association by participating in conferences and by conducting training, particularly in Europe where Québec's expertise in the field is widely recognized.

The Association regroups more than 375 attorneys, guidance counsellors, notaries, psychologists, social workers and psychoeducators who have received specialized training in family mediation to complement their initial training. They work in many languages in the various judicial districts in Québec.